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Famous poet Ekateryna Babkina publish exclusive bedtime stories with Stella

The renowned Ukrainian poet Kateryna Babkina has now written three children's tales for the Swedish app Stella Sleep, an app with bedtime stories for kids. The first of the three stories was published today in the app and is a small step to support Ukrainian cultural life, but it has also been produced to help children sleep peacefully at night.

Stella Sleep has previously published several stories inspired by Maria Primachenko, a Ukrainian painter recognized by Picasso, to highlight Ukrainian cultural heritage, which is currently under significant pressure due to the Russian invasion.

The founder of the company, Svetlana Björkman, is herself from Zaporochye in Ukraine and came to Sweden in 2019.

Svetlana says:

"Kateryna is currently in England, like many other Ukrainians who are abroad. I have always admired her work and reached out to her via email. Her language and storytelling style are undoubtedly world-class, and it was wonderful that she agreed to create these three new tales."